On the night of June 6, 1966, in a small, rural county near the Ouachita National Forest in Central Arkansas, numerous lives are changed by a horrific act of rage. Sheriff Clyde Tidwell, a shell of his former self after his wife’s recent passing, must put aside his grief and work the multiple-homicide crime scene, no matter the emotional toll.

What awaits him inside the residence will make him question his sanity and everything he believes as he comes face-to-face with his deepest, darkest fears.

Will he succumb to the terror and become the next victim of the evil lurking inside? Or will he push past it to save the lone survivor and himself?

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Narrated by D.H. Jones


One year after the tragic loss of her son, Elizabeth “Raye” Quast struggles to overcome the painful aftermath from his death. Will she rely upon faith to soothe her grieving heart or allow the emotional turmoil inside her soul to destroy her mind?


Eight years after his entire family was slain, Tyler Drexel stares down adulthood, thoughts consumed by seething rage for things out of his control. When he loses the last piece of his childhood, something inside him breaks. Will facing his past douse the flames of fury or fuel them?


Retired Sheriff Clyde Tidwell tried for years to quiet the storm of guilt swirling inside his heart. As the time approaches for Tyler to venture out into the world on his own, the horrific memories of the night eight years prior come back to haunt him. Will his aging mind and body be able to withstand another bout with spirits and principalities when they attack again?

Free Will

All three must confront events from the past even if it means destroying their futures or driving them all to madness.

Narrated by D.H. Jones  & Rebecca Roberts

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A pair of pink, silk underwear… 
The quiet world of Melody and Jack Dickinson is about to be turned upside down. Twenty years of marriage hangs in the balance when Melody finds out about Jack’s infidelity. The betrayal is made worse when Melody discovers his lover is Serena Rowland, a young woman who works at Melody’s law firm. 
A receipt from an overpriced hotel… 
Harsh words are exchanged before Melody storms off to work, determined to have Serena fired. But when Melody hears Serena was murdered over the weekend, everything changes. Serena’s body is found beaten and strangled with a pair of pink, silk panties, in the same hotel that Jack had admitted staying at over the weekend. Within seconds of hearing the news, Melody’s life spins out of control when Jack calls in a panic. The police are at their home to arrest him for Serena’s murder. 
Pictures of a young woman’s scantily clad torso on a cell phone… 
Was she married to a monster? One who beat and strangled the young woman to death, or was Jack set up? Did Melody’s own dark secret, hidden inside her heart for years, have something to do with the nightmare they suddenly find themselves in? 
Melody and Jack are about to discover that one fateful mistake will destroy many. 



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Narrated by Sara Morsey

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